Why Some Canadians Are Choosing Residences Like 859 Kennedy Road Over Houses

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The media loves to cover expensive housing, and right now they’re having a feeding frenzy over the Canadian real estate market.  It’s fair to point out that the market has caused its share of problems, with even rural areas and small towns now grappling with soaring prices and seemingly endless buyers and bidding wars.  Although […]

What To Know for Summer Vacation

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Thanks to the pandemic and generous payments from the federal government, Canadians have saved up quite the nest egg.

With the economy starting to rebound, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promising vaccines for all by September, and a general optimism among Canadian residents, many people are already booking their summer rentals, far-flung vacations and, of course, backyard pools for a staycation with the kids. 

Need for housing safety rises with COVID cases

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Despite aggressive restrictions mandated by Toronto for more than 12 months now, recent news about the spread of COVID-19 suggests the need for a renewed focus on safety. 

As of April 5, Ontario health officials were reporting 6,000 new COVID-19 infections over the weekend, with ICU admissions reaching a record high. Government officials said that about 494 patients were receiving treatment for COVID-related illness in intensive care units. 

What happens if gov’t payments end this summer?

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In December, the Canadian government rolled out the biggest economic relief package since World War II to help restore the country’s economy as it emerges from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Even before this second stimulus package, many media outlets were comparing Canada’s aggressive economic response to the lackluster approach taken by leaders in the US in 2020. I fully believe that if Canada had never sent out those $2,000-a-month stimulus payments, it would have been bad for all of us. Many Canadians used government money to pay their mortgage. That’s a significant economic benefit, and it was the right thing to do.


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Alto Properties’ 859 Kennedy Road is located in Scarborough, Ontario. 859 Kennedy Road is a 5-story low-rise apartment building. Nearby schools include Ionview Public School, Jean Vanier and Saint Albert School. The closest grocery stores are Rob’s, No Frills and Yal Market. Nearby coffee shops include Country Style, Delimark and Starbucks. Nearby restaurants include Good […]